The amateur orchestra that meets at the Beansheaf Community Hall, Calcot, Reading, Berkshire on Saturday mornings (school term-times) 10.30am -12.30pm to enjoy playing classical music.

Annual Fee 85 (or £30/term). FREE trial term for new members

Important: A message from our Chairman, 26th April 2021

Dear everyone,
With under a month to go now before the SMO is due to restart, I am beginning to feel excitedly optimistic that it will happen this time. The committee met virtually last Saturday and thought you all might appreciate a reminder about how rehearsals this term will differ from what we are all used to and the new responsibilities (not too arduous we hope) that we have imposed on you for this term at least.
Rehearsals will start at 10.30am, as always, but finish at 12.00am. We won't be having a break with refreshments this term, because general restrictions and Holybrook rules are still not allowing us to socialise indoors. Also, the committee will need some time for cleaning the Hall after rehearsal ends. If you feel you might need something to drink midway through the rehearsal bring your own water bottle /flask etc.
Jerry has told us the two pieces which we will be rehearsing this term ( Haydn Symphony 104 and Delibes 'le roi s'amuse'). If you haven't done so already, please download these pieces using IMSLIP. Anne Moore, our librarian, has already sent us an e-mail about how to do this, and I have asked her to reissue this. We will be sitting at individual desks this term and are still advised against sharing any equipment so make sure you bring all you need to rehearsal: music stand ,pencil etc.
We want to sort out the seating plan in the hall and make sure the hall is fully ventilated before any members come in, and we have been asked to avoid causing bottlenecks in the entrance lobby, so you will be registered outside the Hall, then let in individually. You will also have to leave section by section to avoid causing bottlenecks as we leave.
To help with the cleaning regime with which all groups using the Hall have to comply, we are asking you to take anti-bacterial wipes to rehearsal and wipe down your chair after both before and after rehearsal.
There are two more things we need to do in preparation for the restart. We need to know how many of you intend to restart in May and which instrument you will be playing, so could you email me about your intentions at philipjhull@hotmail.co.uk. I have also attached a health questionnairre for you to return on the first day of your return to rehearsal. I don't intend to ask you to fill in any other forms for subsequent rehearsals, but it is very important that you let us know if your health circumstances do change in any way. For your own information, Megan will be sending you a summary of the risk assessment we have produced and sent to Holybrook Council.
Finally, some good news. There will be no subscriptions to pay for the 2021 Summer term for those who had paid up fully for 2020 . You paid up for a full year of rehearsal in 2020 and are owed a free summer term in return.
On behalf of Jerry and all the committee, I want to finish by saying how much we are looking forward to seeing and talking with you again, albeit at a discreet distance!
Best wishes and good health to you all.
Philip Hull.


Summer term dates can be found on the Diary page

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We still require players in both the Violin and Viola sections so would be particularly pleased to hear of anyone who could fill these vacancies. In addition the orchestra is pleased to hear from anyone who plays an orchestral instrument and who is Grade 5 or above.....

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